Zeta Omicron Chapter at Kettering University

Why Alpha Gam?

Alpha Gam provides members with valuable opportunities to develop and grow personally while meeting a group of lifelong friends. Our tagline is loving, leading, lasting—but being an Alpha Gam is so much more than that.

It’s nearly 200,000 women all over the world, in your hometown and right here on our campus.

It’s a strong foundation for academic success.

It’s service to others when they need a little extra help.

It’s a space to forge your own path.

It’s finding your role model—and becoming someone else’s mentor.

It’s generations of women who joyfully contribute to their communities and beyond.

It’s always having someone by your side—someone who knows the real you.

It’s a place to love and be loved.

It’s celebrating who you are—and finding the courage to become who you want to be.

Thoughts from Our Members

"I joined because I shared similar values and goals with many of the women in Alpha Gam, and I wanted a support system that could help me get through the struggles of Kettering, as well as help me make connections with people all across campus and in other fraternities."

- Cecilia Linck


"Greek life to me means a support system bigger than just your chapter. Whether you are a member of a fraternity or sorority, other Greeks can identify with you and you become a part of one of the father reaching communities. Alpha Gamma Delta means to the world to me. You know when you go somewhere new and you don't really know anyone, but then you see that friend who makes your whole day a hundred times better? Or you had a horrible, no good, rotten day and just need a hug and someone to encourage you to keep doing your best anyway? Or you just got back your exam and found out you got an A+ and wish you could share your news with someone who really will be proud of you and your hard work? I know any one of my sisters can fill these roles and would be there in a heartbeat. That kind of support system to hard to beat."

- Stephanie Kearns, Alumna


"I chose Alpha Gamma Delta because I connected the best with the members, I wanted to spend time with them and attend all the events that I could. I enjoy everyone in the chapter and can talk to everyone and feel welcome. The people felt like a home away from home."

- Emerald Dewey, Vice President - Recruitment


"I chose Alpha Gamma Delta because I felt such a genuine connection to the sisters. We instantly bonded over various subjects and nothing felt forced. It was like natural life-long friends, re-connecting. The atmosphere and encouragement of the sisterhood felt like home."

- Olivia Wright


"During recruitment events as a freshman, I felt like the members wanted me to be there. Everyone was excited to great me. As soon as I walked into an event, I felt at home. I chose Alpha Gamma Delta because I found that their values and visions aligned with my own and having more like-minded people by my side empowered me to be the best version of myself."

- Valerie Verhaeghe, President



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